Lauren Nowicki

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Lauren Nowicki, also known as Lo, is a producer and small business owner. She graduated from Chapman University where she studied Television and Broadcast Journalism. On her YouTube channel, Lo Without Limits, she has spoken about food, fashion, lifestyle, and most importantly her experience with narcolepsy, which has helped educate people and bring others together in sharing their stories. Narcolepsy is a neurological condition that affects your sleep-wake cycles. Lo hopes to destigmatize narcolepsy and bring awareness to the sleep disorder to those outside of the community. In the interview, Lo discusses the most frustrating thing about having narcolepsy before she was diagnosed, her small business Raine Reusables, and how the Keto diet has helped her gain control of her narcolepsy symptoms.

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Brooke Pelczynski

Image of Brooke Pelczynski: Artist & Illustrator
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Brooke Pelczynski is an artist, illustrator, and comic creating multiple sclerosis fighter, based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration.  Brooke recently became the art director for Health Union, an online health community.

In 2012, Brooke was diagnosed with a neurological degenerative disease, known as multiple sclerosis, when she was a junior in college. After finding out she was diagnosed, she did not want to draw anymore. However, Brooke now uses her art to express the challenges of multiple sclerosis and has spoken openly about the struggles that come with it. Her main objective is to produce as much work as possible and to learn how to adapt and be open to new ways to create.

Brooke has spoken at Columbia University about the challenges multiple sclerosis has taken on her artistic life and continues to speak openly about the struggles it will cause in the future. Her work has been honored by the society of illustrators, she has been featured by Yahoo for International Women’s Day and is an Adobe Creative Jam winner.

Brooke was also featured as a consultant and illustrator on the revisited “DarkHawk” Marvel comic book for the 30th anniversary celebration of the superhero. Written by Kyle Higgins, the main character of a new, five-issue reprise of the original “Darkhawk” Marvel comic battles crime while navigating his way through being newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. "It’s very, very cool to see MS in the mainstream where it’s not portrayed as some super-debilitating disease,” said Brooke in the edited transcript. “And it’s nice to see a character go through the diagnosis process — which is the worst part — and then see them do something with it.”

In this interview, with our Different & Able President and Founder, Alexandra Nicklas, Brooke speaks about adapting to adversity, knowing your value as an artist, and about the challenges multiple sclerosis has taken on her artistic life. Brooke also discusses how her art has helped her communicate, connect with others, and cope with this chronic disease. Brooke states that her work is now “more abstract and more beautiful than it used to be, and I think that has made me a better artist. I’m making work that makes sense to me and to my life and my diagnosis.”


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To find out more about Brooke Pelczynski:

IG: @brookepelczynski

FB: Brooke Pelczynski | Facebook

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Tylia Flores

Tylia Flores is a multi-published author, advocate, activist, podcast creator and host. She was born with spastic cerebral palsy and as a child, Tylia noticed that there was little to no disability representation in her favorite television shows. Tylia used this realization to become the successful writer she is today. 

After publishing her first book at sixteen, Tylia continues to write in the hopes that her work can help bring awareness to those with cerebral palsy. She creates books and media that represent people with disabilities to combat the stigma of differences in society. Tylia published her autobiography and a five-part series called, Handi-capable Stomping on the Barriers that Come My Way. She is currently working on a children’s book called, Larry the Differently Abled Bear

As a Radio Disney fan, Tylia strove to be in broadcasting. Today, she is the host of her own radio show, Stomping on CP Radio, where she talks about her life journey behind the microphone. Tylia also co-hosts a podcast, Stompers in Love, with Joey Odum. In this podcast, Tylia and Joey talk about dating with a disability and how they conquer all stigmas surrounding relationships. Radio and music have always been a part of Tylia’s life. She is a huge fan of Blake Shelton and his song, Austin.

In the interview with our President & Founder, Alexandra Nicolas, Tylia discusses how she tackles stigmas and gives her take on life as a young woman with cerebral palsy. She also discusses her passion for creating books and being an integral part of the media community that represents people with disabilities. With her tenacious attitude, Tylia states, “When life gets tough you just got to keep on stomping.” 


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