Kathryn from @Inclusion_Project reads *The Inclusion Alphabet*

In this video, Kathryn from @Inclusion_Project reads her book The Inclusion Alphabet. 

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We know that many of our community members are feeling a little bit pent up lately. It's really hard to quarantine, especially as the weather grows nicer. So today we're offering Kathryn Jenkins reading her wonderful book The Inclusion Alphabet for you and your families. This is a book for all ages and abilities, and as Kathryn explains in this video, there are different ways to read it depending on your wishes and needs. 

Follow @inclusion_project on Instagram to learn more about Kathryn's work, and stay tuned for more collaborations between Different & Able and the Inclusion Project! 

Editor's Note: We are working on adding closed captioning to all our videos, and hope to accomplish this in the next few weeks. If you would like a transcript of this video before then, please contact espampinato@differentandable.org.