The People Who Are Making Fashion Accessible

Independent Living

Who are the innovative thinkers who are changing the face of fashion for people with disabilities? Some of them are featured in this video, including designer Christina Mallon of the innovative @openstylelab, model Jillian Mercado, and bodybuilder and model Nick Santonastasso. Though there are able-bodied people like Tommy Hilfiger working on the this important cause as well, we like this video because it is informative while centering the individuals with disabilities who are doing the heart of this work every day. 

You can follow these creatives on Instagram: Nick is at @nicksantonastasso, Jillian is at @jillianmercado, and Christina at @christina_disarmed. Nick has been featured in Men's Health (among many other places), while Jillian has appeared in numerous fashion shows and editorials, including in Teen Vogue and other magazines. Christina has written for Quartz, and her beautiful wedding was featured on You can read about how she made every aspect of the day accessible and inclusive here

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