Our Interview with Dr. David S. Feldman


Dr. David S. Feldman is an internationally recognized, American board certified, orthopedic surgeon with over 33 years of experience in the medical field.  He graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University medical school in 1988. Dr. Feldman completed his residency in orthopedic surgery in June of 1993; he spent the next year in fellowship at The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto. Dr. Feldman was also the Chief of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and a professor of Orthopedic Surgery and pediatrics at NYU Langone Medical Center/NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. In 2015, he became the Associate Director of the Paley Institute and leader of the Spine Deformity Center and Hip Pain Center. Dr. Feldman specializes in scoliosis, spinal deformity, hip preservation, limb lengthening, and reconstruction surgery. 

Dr. Feldman has been at the forefront of both simple and complex pediatric orthopedic treatments. He has helped many children with orthopedic deformities and conditions avoid surgery through early detection. His expertise with advanced non-surgical and surgical techniques has allowed hundreds of children to resume their normal activities after recovery times that are shorter than those of other methods. Dr. Feldman has helped create devices that help with complicated surgical techniques and is currently engaged in various clinical research studies. With his wealth of knowledge and friendly nature, Dr. Feldman shares his highly praised, “Fridays with Feldman,” which is a weekly Facebook Live discussion on a particular topic in which he engages with viewers answering related questions. “Fridays with Feldman” are free of charge and accessible to anyone that is seeking information and/or treatment on  scoliosis, kyphosis, arthrogryposis, achondroplasia, multiple hereditary exostosis (MHE), hip dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, lower limb deformities and limb length problems. 

Interviewed by our Different & Able President and Founder, Alexandra Nicklas, Dr. Feldman discusses symptoms, treatments, early detection signs, and innovative strategies for a person living with scoliosis. The interview also explores how scoliosis can affect body image; especially for adolescent girls, who commonly are the most associated group with having scoliosis. While there is a maze of information available to those who want to know more about scoliosis, look no further, as Dr. Feldman makes sense of the ins and outs of scoliosis in the most relevant and informative way. 


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