Lindsey Metselaar


Lindsey Metselaar is an entrepreneur, influencer, writer, and New York City dating expert. She holds a B.S. in Communications from Boston University. Lindsey is the CEO of “Lindsey's Lunchbox,” which is a social media management company and the founder and creator of “We Met at Acme,” a dating podcast, which provides listeners with a variety of knowledge on interpersonal relationships.

In 2017, on Lindsey’s birthday, her boyfriend broke up with her. With that news, Lindsey called a male friend to discuss relationships candidly and decided to record the conversation. This sparked the idea for the “We Met at Acme” podcast, which features a new episode every Sunday. The podcast provides an amusing perspective on topics such as, “Who Should Feel Luckier in A Relationship,” “Why You Shouldn't Marry For Love,” and “Turn-Ons, Lube, Enneagrams, And Attachment Styles.” The podcast is lighthearted and sincere, analogous to Lindsey herself, and it advocates for self-care and mental health. Lindsey states, "My whole thing is normalizing mental health and normalizing therapy and how being self-aware actually makes you better at dating.”

Interviewed by our Different & President and Founder, Alexander Nicholas, who is also Lindsey’s friend, Lindsey discusses relationships, sex, and love. The dialogue resembles friends at a sleepover; as Alexandra and Lindsey talk honestly about relationships, dating, sex, and a few *risqué topics. Lindsey answers viewer questions about online dating, romance, pleasure, body insecurity, interconnectedness, intimacy, and finding love. The adage claims that, “There plenty of fish in the sea;” and by listening to Lindsey’s advice you are bound to find the right one.

*The content of this interview is for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is advised.