Gary Sheinbaum & Tommy Hilfiger's Adaptive Clothing Line

Independent Living

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive is an innovative line of clothing designed to make dressing easier for adults and children with disabilities. Since its launch in 2017, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive continues to revolutionize everyday dressing for people with disabilities. The line just launched its Spring 2021 collection in March, available to shop in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia on and through select retail partners.

Those interested in learning about adaptive fashion will find this interview useful, as Gary Sheinbaum, former CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Americas, provides insight into the creation of the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection. Gary also shares Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive’s mission and highlights its success, as the company continues to learn more from the community. Tommy Hilfiger engages with consumers to test and adapt their products, e-commerce experiences, and marketing campaigns, to ensure end-to-end accessibility. Listening to Gary in this interview, one truly discovers the company’s commitment to the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive line. 

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