Our Interview with Lily Moore

Lily Moore is a seventeen-year-old professional actor and model with Down Syndrome. Cognizant of the challenges in the entertainment industry, Lily has never let rejection stand in her way; she has starred in multiple films, national commercials, and television shows. She is currently an actor on the Netflix series, “Never Have I Ever,” where she plays Paxton’s sassy sister, Rebecca. In her career as a model, Lily has been photographed coast to coast and was the youngest model to be photographed for London’s Radical Beauty Project – a collaborative collective featuring only models with Down Syndrome. As a model, Lily displays her inner and outer pure beauty.

Lily’s vivaciousness and her benevolent nature shine, as a Special Olympics Champion Ambassador and a passionate philanthropist. Through her creatorship of “H.E.L.P.- Helping Everyone with Love and Passion,” the initiative provides bags of food and toiletries for the homeless population. Her motto, “Everyone is Unique, Beautiful, and Brave,” inspires others to chase their dreams with hard work and dedication.

When Lily is not in the limelight, she takes on her real-life roles as a cheerleader, pet lover, social media phenom, and home cook. Determination, confidence, and captivating personality traits are evident in the multitude of talents that Lily exemplifies. In the future, Lily hopes to be able to create her own film work and be the first actor with Down Syndrome to win an Oscar. We are waiting with bated breath for that moment, for now we will just be Lily’s biggest fans.

Interviewed by our Founder and President, Alexander Nicholas, Lily discusses her two worlds: the high-schooler who makes lasagna, shares videos on YouTube, and plays “Riptide” by Vance Joy on her ukulele; and then there is the rising star making waves through roles in the Netflix series, Never Had I Ever and in movies such as, The Lift (2018). It is quite the balancing act, but one in which Lily thrives. Lily’s positive outlook shines in this interview, as viewers see the world through the eyes of a flourishing teen. Lily states, “My strength is being kind, being smart, being respectful to each other, being a great friend, and being a really good leader.”

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