Our Interview with Josh LaBarge

Josh LaBarge is a personal trainer, the owner of Conquer Fitness, and an epilepsy advocate. Throughout his life, he has struggled with a genetic form of epilepsy. Josh uses his own story and fitness journey to empower others to “conquer” their own fitness and wellness goals. Josh recently sat down with our Different & Able President and Founder, Alexandra Nicklas to chronicle his life with epilepsy.

In the interview, Josh discusses the challenges of his medication regimen, the injuries he has sustained during seizure episodes, the support of his family and friends, his life-long mission to stay active, and succeed in seizure self-management. Josh’s charismatic personality and honest manner is evident through the course of the video. His attitude towards obtaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is paramount for him and his clients.

Like most, Josh looked for structure and wellness in his college years. He knew he had to curb his unhealthy routines; and he succeeded to forge a future, that has enabled his inner and outer strength. His “lick your wounds and move on” mentality, has helped him earn role model status and be seizure free for three years.

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