Our Interview with Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky, PhD

Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, member of the Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (CBT), and the founder CBT Base Camp, a community for mental health professionals. He specializes in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), other anxiety-based disorders in adults and children, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Dr. Kaminetzky’s, My OCD Care, an educational program and clinical treatment process, provides individuals with a goal-forward approach to high quality well-rounded care. With his wealth of knowledge and friendly nature, Dr. Kaminetzky shares his highly praised My OCD Care lecture series to the world. His lectures are free of charge and accessible to anyone that is seeking information and/or treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder.

Dr. Kaminetzsky’s affability greets individuals seeking advice and treatment options for OCD, in a compassionate manner. Interviewed by our Different & Able President and Founder, Alexandra Nicklas, he discusses symptoms, treatments, and innovative strategies for a person living with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Dr. Kaminetzsky encourages those living with OCD to practice mindfulness, find strength in adversity, and seek treatment options, so they can live their best lives. 


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