Our Interview with Daniel and Ken Trush

Daniel’s Music Foundation was founded by the Trush family in 2006 to empower individuals with developmental and physical disabilities by combining music programs with community and socialization. We believe in inclusion, diversity, and the right of all individuals to creatively express their best selves.  

Music in various forms played a critical role in every phase of Daniel’s recovery. From the songs that kept him connected to reality during his coma, to the keyboard playing that helped him regain his motor skills; and even the music history class he took that ultimately inspired him to help others. Most importantly, it was music that maintained his connection to the people around him – and to the very essence of life. 

Interviewed by our Founder and President, Alexandra Nicholas, Daniel and Ken Trush share about Daniel’s difference and how he recovered against the odds with the healing power of music. Daniel and Ken additionally discuss the mission of Daniel’s Music Foundation, their online episode series Smile-O-Meter Friday, and next steps for Daniel's Music Foundation, which recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. The interview also highlights the Trush family's strong advocacy for disability awareness.

You can find out more about Daniel's Music Foundation and Daniel’s journey by  visiting: Daniel's Music Foundation (danielsmusic.org).




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Daniel Trush: President and Co-Founder for Daniel’s Music Foundation

Daniel is the President and Co-Founder of and inspiration for Daniel’s Music Foundation and along with his family, is actively involved in all aspects of the organization. Surviving a ruptured brain aneurysm at the age of 12, he is a talented songwriter and performer and is the man responsible for naming DMF’s key performance indicator, the “Smile-O-Meter,” which focuses on the changes in attitudes and outlook reported by DMF participants—a measure the organization takes very seriously. Most importantly, Daniel is the life force that drives DMF and he serves as the ambassador for the mission. He is a living example of acceptance, kindness, and joy.

Ken Trush: Co-Founder/Chair of Board of Directors for Daniel’s Music Foundation

Ken Trush is a non-practicing CPA and is a partner at Spring Advisors, an M&A advisory firm that works with marketing agencies, design & development firms, and consultancies. Prior to Spring, Ken was a founding shareholder, CFO and EVP of Corporate Development at Agency.com, a digital agency that grew to 1,700 employees in 14 locations in 6 years (1995-2000). 

Ken is also a Co-Founder of Daniel’s Music Foundation (DMF) and serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors. Ken works closely with his son Daniel, the DMF management team, and staff (20 total employees; 6 full-time), in the development of the music programs and in the marketing, development, and operational areas of the foundation. He developed the concept of "The Danny Awards" during the summer of 2019, an annual celebration of musical talent from around the world and is the driving force behind their Virtual Community.

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