Our Interview with Alexandra Nicklas, President of Different & Able

Alexandra Nicklas is a native New Yorker who lives with her mini goldendoodle, Sadie. Alexandra was born with an in utero stroke that was diagnosed at eight months. As a result, she had physical, learning, speech, and emotional deficits to overcome. Her right arm is weak and with her poor fine and gross motor skills it has affected her ability to perform two handed activities. In addition, her speech and language were also delayed. In the fourth grade, she started experiencing difficulties with attention, executive functioning, and reading comprehension. With treatment, Alexandra has learned to compensate for her difficulties. 

During her younger years Alexandra struggled, but no one expected that Alexandra would be diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 22. Her epilepsy is now under control  and she is now an advocate for all those affected with epilepsy. 

Interviewed by our Interview Series Director at Different & Able, Cameron Kalajian, Alexandra shares her epilepsy journey and her involvement with the epilepsy community.

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Alexandra Nicklas was gracious enough to share her story as a patient speaker for freshFACES, below is a link to the speech she gave. 

FACES FALL E-NEWSLETTER 2018.pdf (nyu.edu)

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