Michelle Garnett, Ph. D.

Michelle Garnett, Ph. D. is a clinical psychologist and founder of Minds & Hearts, a clinic specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Brisbane, Australia. Michelle has over 25 years of experience in all areas of ASD. She was awarded a PhD for her original research on ASD and psychological health in 2007. She co-wrote the first screening tool for Asperger’s syndrome in 1993, and for girls and women in 2011. Michelle has co-authored four books on ASD and has published peer reviewed journal articles. Her most recent book with Barb Cook is a seminal work on the female presentation, Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism. She has co-authored three books with Professor Tony Attwood on emotion management for children and adolescents. Michelle also provides ASD training for several Australian universities and has been involved with coverage of autism issues by the likes of The Sydney Morning Herald, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), The Courier Mail, and various other media outlets.

Interviewed by our Executive Director, Kristina Spiropoulos, Dr. Michelle Garnett shares the Minds & Hearts vision and goals, as a private clinic for Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). She also speaks about the importance and value of education, research, and high-quality psychological services such as, screenings and diagnostic assessments. Michelle explains how these services can lead to breakthroughs in research and provide an understanding about ASC locally and globally. During the interview, Michelle also discusses pragmatics and why they are essential to social communication. Through Michelle and the Minds & Hearts team, one can be more enlightened and grasp the true nature of ASC by “working with the mind, through the heart.”




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