Mara Koffmann and Jen Mendelsohn

Interviewed by our Different & Able President and Founder, Alexandra Nicklas, the duo Mara Koffmann and Jen Mendelsohn, co-founders of Braintrust Tutors, share the way that they first met, which led to the inspiration behind Braintrust Tutors. Mara and Jen discuss the mission of Braintrust Tutors: the importance of the home-school connection, the idea of bringing the whole child to fruition through unique and personalized learning strategies, and how assessment needs can be met with creative learning tools and emotional/mental support for each child. In the interview, Mara and Jen also discuss ways Braintrust Tutors help with the struggles that children with differences often face in the learning environment. As their website states, “Braintrust was created to give everyone connected with the tutoring experience a better way. A better way to connect. A better way to teach. A better way to learn."


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Mara Koffmann Co-Founder and CEO of Braintrust Tutors

Mara is a problem solver. She’s spent her entire professional career helping students and families understand and overcome their most difficult learning obstacles. No matter how seemingly intractable the problem, Mara relishes rolling up her sleeves and finding effective – and fun! – solutions that will help students achieve their full potential. Mara lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two young boys. Because children require playthings, she has temporarily surrendered her love of order and interior design.

Jen Mendelsohn Co-Founder and CBO of Braintrust Tutors

Often described as pathologically gregarious, Jen loves nothing more than quarterbacking a business opportunity. Through life's challenges, she became that expert mom--the one who everyone turns to for a great recommendation -- but she hopes that Braintrust will amplify access to everyone and become an even greater connector. Jen is a proud Soho resident and on most days tolerates her husband and three children. They remind her (somewhat ironically) that she is an impatient teacher.