An Interview with Marcela Turnage from @thejourneyofabravewoman

Our editor Erin recently had the pleasure of interviewing Marcela Turnage, a powerful activist for disability inclusion and a woman well-known for her solo traveling while utilizing a wheelchair. On her popular Instagram page, @thejourneyofabravewoman, Marcela teaches others how they can access the world's most amazing places as well as make their own communities more accessible. Marcela is an amazing mom, advocate, mentor, you'll see in this interview, a hilarious, fun-loving person  who lives life to the fullest. In this interview, she talks about the experience of losing her ability to walk in an accident, how mentorship shaped her recovery, what is was like being undocumented and disabled in the United States, and how both the U.S. and other countries can make travel and life more accessible. Enjoy! 

In this video, D&A editor Erin interviews Marcel Turnage of @thejourneyofabravewoman. 

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