Dyslexia Didn't Hold Gavin Newsom Down

Did you know that, contrary to what many believe, dyslexia and many other learning disabilities do not affect intelligence? Rather, learning disabilities are generally processing disorders which occur in the brain. In the case of dyslexia, this means that reading fluency is compromised.

Not only is dyslexia an invisible disorder, but it also carries a lot of stigma. Children with dyslexia are often treated as if they are “lazy” or “defiant” in school, when they may just be expressing frustration with their difficulty reading in various ways. Thankfully, attitudes about dyslexia are starting to change and many people with dyslexia have achieved amazing things. One such person is Gavin Newsom, the current Governor of California.

Newsom sits down to talk about his experience with dyslexia with Cheryl Jennings.

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You can read more about Newsom’s journey with dyslexia here: How I found Strength in My Dyslexia Diagnosis