Seeking Human Kindness This Holiday Season

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Here at Different & Able we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful community of members and supporters. Tragically, people across the United States are going to bed hungry. With the help of food pantries across the nation, families can put healthy meals on the table, obtain personal care items, baby food, diapers and household cleaning supplies, and take-home fresh items like meat, cheese, eggs and produce. While food pantries provide an important supplement for struggling households throughout the entire year, they are typically busier during cold weather months. Below are some of the reasons why food pantries are so important at this time of year:

Costs are high: Families often face extra expenses toward the end of the year. From holiday gifts, to food for family gatherings, to heating bills – household spending is high this time of year. Using the food pantry helps families who are making ends meet throughout the rest of the year stretch their budgets and save money for other critical expenses.

Seasonal work: Many local neighbors might also work jobs that are seasonally based, such as landscaping or construction. While gainfully employed most of the year, these harsh winter months may cause hardship for their household, so turning to a food pantry might be necessary.

Kids are home: Even if just for a couple of weeks, kids are home from school, meaning they might be missing out on a school-provided lunch – and maybe even breakfast, too. Faced with the need to feed a child, or perhaps multiple children, three meals a day can strain a family’s budget. The food pantry is a way for parents to ensure their children are still getting balanced meals at home.

Seeking holiday cheer: Families may also seek out a food pantry for a sense of community. Most pantries strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for all families. During this season, food pantries can provide a sense of hope and camaraderie for those who are struggling or alone – especially for seniors. 

If you are in need of assistance with food and household items, please visit to find a food pantry in your area. 

Also, the National Health Care for the Homeless Council is the premier national organization working at the nexus of homelessness and health care. Should you be in need of their services, please visit their website here: Need Help Now? | National Health Care for the Homeless Council (

Remember, you are not alone. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Different & Able for help with any additional resources. Contact Us | Different & Able (

If you are fortunate enough to donate your time, food to local pantries, or make a financial donation to an organization that helps the homeless and/or hungry, please do. 

Remember to keep spirits bright and have a wonderful holiday season!


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