Mental Health & the Holidays


                The holidays can be a wonderful, joyous time, but for some, they can be extremely hard for people who feel isolated, overwhelmed, or pressured with the demands of the holidays. Having another year with the presence of COVID can also add another layer of stress, making it harder to be with family and loved ones.

What can I do?

Understand that you are not alone- the holidays can be a hard and stressful time for many people. Do not guilt and shame yourself for having normal emotions.

Acknowledge How You Feel

It is okay to feel sad and not be in the holiday spirit. Acknowledge that you are experiencing these feelings and do not force yourself to feel emotions you do not have. You are not alone in feeling sad, lonely, overwhelmed, or anxious.


Traveling, shopping, or going to events for the holiday can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. If going somewhere new for the holiday or going to an event/party can be hard to navigate the first time. Look up the area, find the most accessible way to travel, so there are no surprises.

If you are going to be alone for the holidays, plan a day for yourself. Schedule things to keep yourself busy. Being alone does not mean you cannot have a good time or a pleasant holiday. There are many groups and meetings that are available to spend the days with.

Meet Virtually

If COVID-19 is making it hard to visit family and loved ones, do not let it ruin your holiday. Schedule a time to meet with the people you care about, watch a movie, do a virtual paint-and-sip or have a virtual dinner. Technology can be used to being us together and the distance between loved ones much closer.

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