Our Interview with Steve Way

Steve Way is a thirty-year-old talented comedian, actor, and activist. Using his quirky quips and straight forward attitude, Steve shares his own unique journey with Muscular Dystrophy. He has gained national attention through his motivational speaking engagements, his co-creatorship of the web series, “Uplifting Dystrophy,” and through his comedic sidekick role in the ground breaking and hilarious HULU show, “Ramy.”  

Steve also is stand-up comedian and a substitute teacher/alumnus, of Rutherford High School in New Jersey. He has performed at the Bamboozle music festival and was the co-host of The Lockdown, a monthly stand up show at the People's Improv Theatre in New York City. His work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, as an advocate for disability awareness, speaks volumes to his character and his desire to help others overcome adversity. Steve is a genuine multifaceted man. 

In the interview with our Different & Able Executive Director, Kristina Spiropoulos, Steve speaks about how he became the comedic force audiences hear and see today; also mentioning the obstacles he faced breaking into the show business industry and why disability inclusion is needed in television and film. The interview feels personal and heartwarming; especially when Steve discusses the need for U.S. healthcare reform, accessibility, and his love for teaching. With his talents, his down-to-earth persona, blunt style of vernacular, and the fantastical way he approaches life, it is truly hard not to be captivated by Steve and his humor.

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