Our Interview with Robert Pio Hajjar

Robert Pio Hajjar was born to be a champion and is dedicated to his calling. A gifted, charismatic speaker, he makes a difference in the world by celebrating life in a way that motivates others to realize their dreams. His dream is of an inclusive society that recognizes the diverse talents and abilities of all members, and values difference as a resource that enriches the whole. He believes love, encouragement and opportunity bring out the best in an individual, which in turn builds a stronger society and a better world.

Travelling widely, Robert Pio spreads his message of hope and inspiration. He has presented “I Can, YOU Can” to more than 550,000 people in over 100 cities throughout North America. Listening to him, you understand the importance of making the most of your life, regardless of obstacles imposed by the misinformed. He inspired the I Can, YOU Can Pilot Program for schools in Southwestern Ontario and is quick to point out, “The cards that were dealt to me in life are not as important as how I play them. I love my life.” He plays his hand like a true champion, raising his voice against the injustice of exclusion, advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves.

In this interview with our Different & Able President and Founder, Alexandra Nicklas, Robert discusses the importance of hope, opportunity and having a positive outlook on life. He shares his ways to stay upbeat, among the negativity in the world, by swimming in the Special Olympics and dancing to his favorite song “I Got a Feeling,” by the Black Eyed Peas.Through motivational speaking engagements, his Ideal Way organization, and his Amazon five star rated book, I Love My Life: I Can, YOU Can, Robert proves he is a superhero for inclusion. Robert’s zeal for helping others is infectious. He shares his mantra with Alexandra and the world, “Be yourself! Stay on your path! Don’t give up! Have faith in yourself! God will help you! Dream big! Dream bigger! Make sure you include people! The sky is the limit! You are like anybody else!”


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