Our Interview with Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway is a former United States Army soldier. He decided to join the military after the September 11th terror attacks. During his time in war, he was injured in an IED attack, leaving him as a double amputee. His left leg above the knee and left arm above the elbow were both taken away from him. Since becoming an amputee, Noah embarked on a journey of physical and mental recovery which he chronicles about in his memoir, Living With No Excuses: The Remarkable Rebirth of an American Soldier. His journey has led him to become very passionate and dedicated to fitness.  

Noah was the first veteran and amputee to be featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He was also featured on the Ellen Show and became a finalist on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and won the debut season of Fox’s American Grit. Noah founded the No Excuses Charitable Fund, which raises money and awareness to causes that Noah is most passionate about and important to him. 

In the interview with our Different & Able President and Founder, Alexandra Nicklas, Noah discusses his many roles in life, as an athlete, combat veteran, author, motivational speaker, reality star, and most importantly, a father. Noah shares how his journey to overcome his depression after he was injured was not an easy task; he struggled with thoughts of feeling alone and would ruminate on the mistakes he made. Through his depression, Noah’s children were his beacon of hope. He prides himself on being a good father and heartwarmingly admits that his children are his heroes. Noah continues to be a “father first” and remembers to continue to be well rounded, through his native Alabama roots. Noah encourages us all to “Lead from the front,” to motivate and inspire others through one's own goals.


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