Our Interview with Katie Selby

Katie Selby is an advocate for people with disabilities. She is the writer of the blog, The Girl Who Was Not College Material, and her story has been featured by The Mighty. Katie is a member of several agencies that support those with differences and follows pages about learning disabilities on social media. 

Katie had a bumpy start to life. At three-years-old, she was non-verbal and diagnosed with a speech and language impairment. When in kindergarten,  Katie was also diagnosed with learning disabilities in reading comprehension, written expression, and math. She participated in special education services throughout her life as a student. However,  when entering college without those educational services, Katie was apprehensive. She felt discouraged by people along the way, even some stated that she was “not college material.” Nonetheless, Katie built a unique support network of teachers, family members, and friends who believed in her and helped her along the college path. Katie is now a Maryville University Graduate in Rehabilitation Services--Independent Living. She recently started to write her life story, with the aspiration to publish it.

Currently, Katie works with individuals with differences in the school and home setting. She enjoys country music, road trips, crafting, cave tours, and spending time with her husband, Mikey. Katie is always grateful for the opportunity to share the lessons she has learned to help others achieve their own goals.

In the interview with our Different and Able Executive Director, Kristina Spiropoulos, Katie shares her journey with learning disabilities, the school subject she detests the most, the career that she loves, and how she became an advocate for herself and others. Her blog, The Girl Who Was Not College Material, inspires others, with or without a difference, to become independent, supportive, and live their best life. Katie states, “I have found work that makes me happiest in life and also fulfills my dream of supporting others.”

To learn more about Katie and her journey forward, you can follow her blog on social media at (1) The Girl Who Was Not "College Material" | Facebook

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