Our Interview with Craig MacFarlane

Craig MacFarlane

Craig MacFarlane an internationally renowned keynote motivational speaker, business advocate, and athlete. He has also authored three books: Craig MacFarlane Hasn't Heard of You Either, Find Your Flame: Through Purpose, Passion, and Sacrifice, and Inner Vision: The Story of the World's Greatest Blind Athlete. Due to a serious injury, Craig has been blind since he was two years old. He simply considers his diagnosis as, "just a minor inconvenience.” So, Craig does not employ the services of a guide dog or assistance from a cane; he simply relies on his other senses to navigate the way.

Interviewed by our Different and Able president and founder, Alexandra Nicklas, Craig MacFarlane shares all that he has accomplished in his incredible life. The list includes being a dedicated husband, a father of four, an award-winning athlete, and a musician. Craig’s discusses keys to success that he has implemented; having trust in others, maintaining a well-balanced life, having a sense of humor, and of course, being confident. Craig states, ''If you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect other people to believe in you.''

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