The Sacred Disease

Independent Living

Kristin Seaborg’s memoir, The Sacred Disease: My Life with Epilepsy, chronicles her fight for a seizure-free life that results in acceptance and hope.  After receiving her diagnosis at eighteen-years-old, and combating the seizures with medication, she learned how to embrace her condition.  Her experience with epilepsy provided her with a unique perspective as an aspiring pediatrician.  Being a patient who viewed things from the other side of this unique condition enriched her knowledge while in medical school.

As a young woman, Kristin faced anxiety and uncertainty about what her future held for her. However, she did not allow her epilepsy to define her, and rather she embraced each day with excitement and learned to live with the unknown about future seizures.  Kristin wanted to pursue her passions and not let epilepsy control her, and so she went to medical school and became a pediatrician. Today, she has her own private medical practice.  Even now, she periodically has seizures but tries to reduce the stress in her life to avoid them.

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