The Red Sneakers for Oakley Foundation

Image of young boy wearing all red. Smiling towards the camera. The scenery is of a tropical residential area and palm trees can be seen in the background. The boy is wearing a hat, face paint, a jacket, a bowtie, and beaded necklaces all in red.
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The Debbs family lost their eleven-year old son, Oakley, who died from a fatal anaphylactic shock from accidentally ingesting a nut/nut product in 2016. Trying to bring some meaning to Oakley’s death, within days of his passing, the Debbs family launched the Red Sneaker for Oakley Foundation (RSOF) to help educate others about the seriousness of food allergies. The Foundation gets its name from Oakley’s  favorite color — all of his athletic shoes were red. This year will mark the 5th annual International Red Sneakers Day created by RSOF, on March 20th. Not only is this a day for food allergy and anaphylactic shock awareness, it is a day for the Debbs to remember their cherished son. As his mother states, “It helps keep Oakley alive.”

Landscape (4:3)
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