Paint Your Hair Blue

Paint Your Hair Blue
Landscape (4:3)

“Aren’t you angry that you’re tied to an oxygen tank, missing school and your friends? ”


“Mommy, what do I have to be angry about? Everyone loves me.”


At the age of eleven Taylor Matthews and her family faced a nightmare diagnosis: life-threatening osteosarcoma. In Paint Your Hair Blue, Taylor's mother Sue Matthews and her aunt Andrea Cohane recount the inspiring story of Taylor's courageous battle with cancer and her quest to live every day of her short life to the fullest.  Paint Your Hair Blue chronicles Taylor's life from the time of her diagnosis to her passing five years later. This book is a must read for anyone affected by pediatric cancer, a survival guide for the person who is sick as well as their family. Matthews offers hard-earned wisdom as well as practical advice about dealing with the many challenges of living with cancer, including navigating emergency room visits, talking to doctors about your needs, and communicating with friends and family about your disease. Most importantly, Paint Your Hair Blue reminds us that even with the most devastating diagnosis, love makes life worth living.

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