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August 4

Interview with Craig McFarlane, a highly achieved athlete, speaker, and businessman. When Craig was 2.5 years old, he lost his vision and was declared completely blind. He has not let this stop him. Craig has gone on to become a world renowned athlete. After his athletic career he became a motivational speak and author.  

Interview with John Bramblitt an amazing blind artist. John had lost his eyesight in 2001, due to epilepsy and Lyme disease complications. After battling depression, John decided to become an artist. He has learned how to tell apart different colors by their texture, and he uses raised lines to navigate his canvas to paint people and animals. John works as a consultant, helping museums develop programs that are inclusive and accessible for all.

He has been the subject of two documentaries titled Line of Sight and Bramblitt, which talk about his life and artwork. John is also the author of the book “Shouting in the Dark” where he talks about how he struggled with losing his sight, and how art reshaped his life. 


August 7

Interview with the beautiful Steph Aiello from the Rollettes. Steph was in a car accident that injured her spine causing her to become a quadriplegic. After embracing her new life, Steph started making makeup tutorials, and has gained a massive number of followers that look to her for inspiration. Step is also a dancer and the co-captain of the Rollettets Wheelchair Dance Team. 


August 10

Interview with the hilarious Josh Blue. Josh was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy as a baby, which limits his use in one of his arms. Acquiring a sense of humor as a coping skill had led Josh to become a world renowned comedian. Winning NBC’s Last Comic Standing was just the beginning for Josh who know headlines at various venues internationally. Not only is Josh a comedian, but he has made the US Paralympic Soccer Team and has played in 8 different countries.


August 11

Interview with Marya Hornbacher, author of Wasted. Marya is an American author who has published 6 books and is working on her 7th. She has written about mental health and her own experiences with anorexia and bulimia. 


August 12

Interview with Beth Maloney, author of Saving Sammy. After her son, Sammy, started showing symptoms of OCD due to a strep infection (PANDAS), Beth started what turned out to be a 2-year fight to get the correct diagnosis and treatment for him. Her book Saving Sammy talks about her experience and brings awareness to PANDAS.  Beth also volunteers her time as an attorney advocate for the recognition and treatment of PANDAS/PANS. 


August 17 

We will be interviewing David Feldman, MD. Dr. Feldman is a world known orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Feldman is the Director of Spinal Deformity and Hip Preservation Centers at Paley Institution. He has helped create devices that help with complicated surgical techniques and is currently engaged in various clinical research studies. Not only is Dr. Feldman a highly skilled surgeon, he is a published author, having written multiple articles ranging from scoliosis to arthrogryposis. 

Interview with Nathaniel and his mom Magda Newman. Nathaniel was diagnoses with Trenchers Collins syndrome, which is a congenital disorder that causes facial differences. His mom has written an inspirational memoir about her journey titled Normal: A Mother and Her Beautiful Son. Nathaniel has also written a book for younger people titled Normal: One Kid’s Extraordinary Journey. 


August 24 at 4:00pm - Live Q&A

Lindsey Metselaar is the founder of “We Met at Acme”, a dating podcast targeted towards millennials will be doing a live video Q&A with us. She created the podcast to that talk about all aspects of the dating world with the hopes of giving guidance to people who may not have someone to turn to. She interviews different people who share their own perspectives on relationships and dating. Please join us for a live dialogue with Lindsey who will be ready to answer all your dating related questions!

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